This Guy Came Back Home

The one on the left, not the girl on the right who keeps getting mistaken for a guy. After almost a year in AZ Forest moved back home on the 19th. I was not ready for when he came down the escalator at the airport so those pics sucked. But here’s one. His outfit cracked me […]

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Shiny, New Parts.

Found this old post I never finished, from the beginning of May. I got the spoke protector and the free wheel put on my Fuji but I still need a rear derailleur. We are both back on the road though. Aaron got his bike from the shop yesterday and I’m riding a old mountain bike that […]

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Powerline Trail Hike Part 1.

After spending the first three weeks of the summer dealing with the flu going through our house we finally got to go on a hike together. Well, the non-teenagers anyway. And only one of them was actually willing, the other had to be forced out of the house. (See previous post, he’s about to turn 13.) Our plan […]

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The Two Non-Teenagers

But not for long. Grayson will be 13 in less than a month. And this was as close as he would get to playing in the sand piles. He was just too cool for the little kids. But not Hattie. She found a friend from school and the two of them played tag with a […]

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Haze , Bees , Lavender

Smoke drifting down from the Vancouver area wildfires creating a haze in front of the sun. Then I came across these guys on my walk. There are times when my manual focus, 50mm lens is very frustrating but then there are times when I absolutely love what I get out of it. This one did […]

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Another Day Out with My Girl.

I woke up on Tuesday to find an announcement on Facebook that The Ninety was going to host a viewing party for the US Women’s Soccer match against Germany in the Semi-finals of the World Cup. It was free, all ages were welcome, and two Seattle Reign players were going to be there to sign autographs. I ran […]

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