Some Catch Up?

Busy with school and life so I haven’t been posting lately. Here’s a little bit of a catch up. Had a great pre-birthday  date with Aaron on the 2nd. We went to Seattle for the Taco Libre Truck Showdown. There were only 3 actual taco trucks. The rest were various food trucks making taco inspired […]

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April Biking

Summary of my 30 Days of Biking. 12 days of rides, including 2 on my daughter’s bike that’s just a little small for me so not very enjoyable. 62.18 miles ridden 1 broke derailleur 1 mangled chain 1 ruined spoke guard 3 or 4 offers from friends to borrow bikes. I appreciated them very much […]

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Speed of Life

After my bike mishap I just haven’t felt much like blogging. Plus, 13 credits of bachelor classes are keeping me very busy. My days are pretty much spent reading, writing, sketching, walking, busing, reading, writing, sketching, reading, reading, and more reading. Before April started I was a little worried about doing the 30 days of biking because I […]

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Week #16- Trees Missing my bike but it’s nice to be reminded how nice a 3.5 mile walk can be.

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To Do List

Online class module done, check. Items delivered and picked up in bike trailer, check. Slurpee with the 12-yo, check. 12-yo to doctor’s appointment, check. Hair trimmed, check. Enjoyed a beautiful spring day, double check.

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