My big guy is 20 today! That just seems so crazy! 20 years since I had my first baby. Wow! We celebrated his birthday last night with peach cobbler and ice cream (his choice). He hadn’t thought to ask for the day off so he spent his birthday working, continuing to save money for his […]

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Winter Cycling

For my new friend, Bri, a picture of my winter cycling. I was really hoping I’d get this sunny picture and then a rainy one the next day but we’ve been blessed with a beautiful week. This is not a complaint, when you live in 9 months of drizzles and sprinkles the sun breaks are necessary.

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Technology On The Shelf

Ethan found my walkman in our camping gear box a few days ago. I had stuck it in there because it had a radio on it so I thought it could be useful in an emergency. He was so excited to find this retro technology in our house and thought it was so cool. Unfortunately […]

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