Go Sparks!

Hattie’s team made it into the end of year tournament and had their first playoff game on Saturday. They played a fantastic game and won 4-1. It rained on them most of the time and the field was a little bit of a muddy mess but our girls played hard. They play again on Saturday […]

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My Fuji Is Back!

Hunting down vintage bike parts proved to be a little time consuming. And I wasn’t willing to spend as much as some shops wanted for them either. But I finally got my poor Fuji back on the road. I found a decent looking derailleur for a decent price a few weeks ago and got it […]

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Aaron’s brother Garrett got to come visit  us thanks to a business trip in the Seattle area. On his last morning here we went to Snoqualmie Falls with him. This was the first time we had been back since the new trail opened down to the bottom. It was quite a climb, pretty steep at […]

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Court of Honor Oct-2015

Early in October our boys had a court of Honor. Grayson earned three merit badges from Scout Camp during the summer and his First Class rank. And Ethan earned his last three required merit badges for his Eagle. Now to get him to find a project to do. He turns 17 soon so he better […]

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New Saddle!

I don’t take pictures of my Trek like I used to of my Fuji. This bike just isn’t nearly as cool looking, just a mountain bike. I must say though, that a new saddle and a good washing has spiffed it up nicely. And it’s so much more comfortable to ride in jeans now. Yay! The […]

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Ahh, October

It was a little chilly at Grayson’s soccer game this morning but the misty air felt wonderful. Then the sun burned it all away and by Hattie’s game we had a gorgeous fall afternoon to enjoy. I love this time of year.

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Redmond Sparks

I finally remembered to bring my camera to a soccer game. This is Hattie’s team’s 4th game although she missed one due to injury. So far they have won 2 and tied 2. Hattie switched teams this season. The team she’d been with was a good one but we felt like her coach had taught […]

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