New Saddle!

I don’t take pictures of my Trek like I used to of my Fuji. This bike just isn’t nearly as cool looking, just a mountain bike. I must say though, that a new saddle and a good washing has spiffed it up nicely. And it’s so much more comfortable to ride in jeans now. Yay! The […]

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Ahh, October

It was a little chilly at Grayson’s soccer game this morning but the misty air felt wonderful. Then the sun burned it all away and by Hattie’s game we had a gorgeous fall afternoon to enjoy. I love this time of year.

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Redmond Sparks

I finally remembered to bring my camera to a soccer game. This is Hattie’s team’s 4th game although she missed one due to injury. So far they have won 2 and tied 2. Hattie switched teams this season. The team she’d been with was a good one but we felt like her coach had taught […]

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Protected Bike Lane

Finally got to use Seattle’s 2nd Ave protected bike lane. It was awesome. No cars passing too close, no being in pedestrian’s way, and our very own little bike lights at the intersections. Biking around Redmond isn’t terrible but oh how I wish these were all over our city!

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