Where I’m From…

I am from homemade Easter dresses, from homemade Cabbage Patch, and Strawberry Shortcake Dolls.  I am from Saturday Morning Cartoons, Superman, John Wayne, and Dallas.

I am from soccer games, piano recitals, band concerts, and ballet recitals. I am from playing in sand boxes, playing with Matchbox cars and Legos, building forts, and driving go-carts.

I am from single-story ranch, yellow stucco, and wind.  I am from summer monsoons, and cold winters, sometimes with snow.  I am from camping, swimming, and riding bikes.  From neighborhood cousins and Granny’s kitchen table.

I am from Navajo tacos, tostadas and enchiladas.  From pink spaghetti, breakfast for dinner and tater tot casserole.  I am from cereal, mugs of Coke, and, ice cream– daily if possible.

I am from elms, apple trees, and rows of corn, from dandelions, aspens and Spanish needles.  I am from the smell of wood fires and diesel.  I am from the feel of bare feet, “flying” on a trampoline, and climbing trees.

I am from family reunions and Christmas parties, from mountain drives and tubing.  I am from Madrid and Wilkins, from Wiltbank and Curry, from Gonzales, Landeros, Butler, Lorenzen, and Pierce.

I am from mechanics, welders, carpenters, and builders. I am cooks, seamstresses, and nurses.

I am from Homecoming, 4th of July and Pioneer Parades.  From Rodeos, Eagar Daze, and Valle Redondo Days.  I am from Eagar St, Home of the Dome, and the Eagar Beavers.

I am from Arizona’s high desert. I am from Escudilla, Rudd Knoll, Hulsey Lake. I am from Show Low, Luna, and Taylor.

I am from an old LDS chapel with a steeple and a cry room.  I am from a new Stake center that looks like everyone else’s.  I am from sacrament meeting every Sunday, getting baptized at 8, Young Women’s activities, and wishing I could be a Boy Scout.

I am from “eat more beans if you want to grow” and “don’t sit so close to the TV or you’ll ruin your eyes.”  From “weed two rows in the garden,” “wash the dishes,” and “it’s your turn to mow the lawn.”

I am from stubbornness, independence and keeping it all in. From teasing, tickling, and pestering “with love.”

Stolen from oh julie. Here’s a template to write you own.

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