My Rugrats

This is that notebook everyone kept telling me to have handy and write in when the kids did or said something cute or funny.  It will probably only be funny to me.

July 28, 2014

Here’s a little gem from Hayden that I can’t quit giggling about.

I was handing him some laundry from out of the dryer. He was paused looking at the floor, I waited for him to take the clothes to his room. Motioning to the floor he says, “There’s a bit of underwear on the floor there.” Me, “A bit?” ” Uh-huh.” “A BIT?” “Yeah, just a smidgen.”

July 27, 2014

Hayden was asked to give the opening prayer in sacrament meeting. His prayers are always very heart felt but entertaining. Part of a line: “relish the gospel.” After he was done Hattie and Grayson both look at me confused. I glance behind us and Amy Barry is chuckling, “relish?” and Grayson asks, “like pickle relish?” “Shhh” I say, trying not to giggle.

I have not updated this page since deleting half of it. So here’s one update.

November 20, 2013 (quoting a FB post by Aaron)

Every once in awhile I get asked by people “Why have kids?”

This morning I woke my 11 year old at 6:30 AM so that he could get ready for Band practice. As usual he didn’t really want to get up. But, I finally coaxed out of bed and as he slowly got ready I went down stairs and made him some breakfast. In an attempt to motivate him and perhaps brighten his day I said “You know what’s awesome? Practicing for weeks on end to get to a championship game and playing your heart out to win that game 2-1. You know what’s awesome? A second year band student asking to do a solo at the up coming concert and then standing in front of about 200+ people to play the National Anthem on the Saxophone and listening to the crowd cheer when he’s finished.”

My son then looked at me and plainly stated. “You know what’s awesome? I wouldn’t be here to do those things if it weren’t for you.” Well now I know what to tell people that don’t seem to understand why having children is one of the best things I’ve ever done.

Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!!!!  I deleted this page and this was the most recent cache that Google had!!  Stupid, stupid, stupid!  Aaaaaaahhhhhh!!!

March 17, 2012

Grayson starts water safety classes at school next week so we bought him a swim mask.  He torn it open as soon as he got home and tried it on.  Next thing, I hear him yell, “I can’t breathe!”  He’d sealed his mouth in it too.

March 10, 2012

Grayson asked Aaron, “Dad, have you figured out how old I have to be to go on a trip with [Friend]?” (Friend’s dad is French and they go to visit family every year.)
Aaron: “Um no.”
Grayson: “Oh, you and Mom are still fighting about it?”
Aaron: “Yeah, we’re still fighting.”
Grayson: “Oh, OK.”

(You probably had to be there.)

March 9, 2012

Ethan’s favorite movie quote these days is Voldemort’s laugh in Deathly Hallows II.  It’s completely ridiculous.  I can’t believe they chose that take.

And Grayson’s is the Wilhelm scream.  We even got the film that it originated from.  It was kind of boring but they got a kick out of hearing the very first.

February 25, 2012

Hattie asked if I could get some juice so I told her to add it to my list.


February 21, 2012

Forest & Ethan started discussing where superheroes are from and had to ask Aaron where some of them are located.  After running down the list they ask why aren’t there any superheroes in Washington.  I answered, “There is.  Bigfoot.”  Aaron and I (ok mostly I) began making up Bigfoot the superhero, secretly fighting crime through the rain drenched streets of Seattle in his impervious coat of matted fur and moss.  (I giggled a little too much.)  The boys missed the whole thing because they were in the dining room and we were at our computers.
After further talk between them about how lucky New York is to have so many super heroes, Forest points out, “If Washington did have a superhero he’d be a hippie anyway, a tree hugger or something.”  To which Ethan replied, “TREE POWERS, ACTIVATE!”

February, 20, 2012

While doing dishes, Hayden was entertaining himself by quoting the killer bunny/holy hand-grenade scenes from Holy Grail, followed by a hearty chuckle.  And some giggles from me in the living room.

*An entire month of funny things that I failed to record.*

December, 24, 20011


Hattie:  I like breaks because I don’t have to wait in line to play.
A few minutes later: I don’t like breaks because you don’t get to learn math.

December, 19, 2011

Hayden informs us all that he has a “bit of a confession to make.”  He then lifts his pant legs up to reveal shaved legs.  He explains, “I hate hair!”

December, 10, 2011


December, 7, 2011

Ethan: “Hey mom, you know the Quest program at school? (Quest is the smart kids program.)  I can’t help but notice that all the kids in the quest classes are Asian, but all our janitors are too.  How do they go from Quest to janitors?”

November, 22, 2011

Hattie is quite pleased with herself.  For the second P.E. day in a row she was the only person in her class to climb all the way to the top of the rope.  She said the boys all stomped their feet mad that a girl could do it and they couldn’t.

November, 16, 2011

Watching Deathly Hollows Part 2 as a family, Aberforth Dumbledore casts his patronus against dozens of Dementors. I say, “Wow, that was some happy thought.”
Ethan chuckles and says, “Butterflies, unicorns, rainbows, ATTACK!!”

This is the only picture from that scene that I can find.  It’s awful!

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