AZ Trip 2016 (part 1)

This is going to have to come in many parts. At the end of June, I took Grayson & Hattie to visit family in AZ for two weeks. We flew out of Bellingham, WA which has a very small airport so the security and boarding part of it all was super easy and calm. Nothing like what Sea-Tac can be like. It was a great way to take two kiddos on my own.2016-06-25-17-27-01-929
This was only my third trip by plane and the kids’ first. I was so excited for them to fly and sure enough, they loved it. Grayson cracked me up. When he got on the plane, he pulled a little pillow and blanket out of his backpack and proclaimed, “I’m ready.” I think Hattie experienced a little bit of air sickness but not bad. Having gum to chew and several little snacks was helpful, for me too. I hate gum but it helped so much with keeping my ears popped.2016-06-25-18-41-51-709
We landed in Mesa, AZ which was a small airport as well so the air-travel part of our trip was really enjoyable.
In the valley of the sun we spent a couple of days with Aaron’s sister and her family. The kids loved playing with their cousin George. He was a sweet, little 2 year old and he seemed to enjoy having cousins to play with too.
I love watching Grayson with little guys. If you’re a fan of Malcolm in the Middle, he is exactly like Dewey when Jamie starts to grow up. They both treat little guys so much better than older brothers treated them.


We left the comfort of an air-conditioned apartment to take a shuttle van north to visit my sister and family in the Prescott Valley area. Unfortunately, a brush fire caught near our exit off I-17 and we got stuck a mile from it. We sat there for 2 hours when ADOT finally started turning people around because the fire jumped the freeway. We had to detour almost back to Phoenix and then go around through Wickenburg. Five hours after our scheduled arrival we finally made it to Prescott Valley. The trip sucked but I was so impressed with how Grayson & Hattie patiently waited in the van without complaining and even exchanged jokes and riddles with one of the other riders. I also loved how everyone in the van pulled together to keep a positive attitude and helped each other out by sharing water, snacks, and paper to make fans. Oh, I forgot to mention that the van had to be shut off so it wouldn’t over heat. So no A/C! The kids got a very realistic and brutal feel for what AZ climate is like. They never want to go back during the summer again.2016-06-28-13-10-41-946Probably their favorite part of the trip was visiting with the cousins in PV. Brandy’s family lived up in WA for a year back in 2010 (I think) so they already knew them really well. Hattie loved getting to see Sage. 2016-06-30-16-12-18-311
And Grayson had a lot of fun playing video games with Seth.2016-06-30-16-13-00-689
Corbin was working for some of the time we were there. 2016-06-30-16-15-11-548
And Ashlyn wanted nothing to do with pictures but she and Linda let me take one of their hair. Linda drove from Eagar to come get us to spend the rest of our visit there.2016-06-30-16-17-43-084I wish we could have spent another day or two with my sis. I miss her lots!


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