Day 2

Day 2 turned out to be quite an adventure. We took some junk to Redmond’s spring recycling event then hopped on the bus for Seattle. On our way, the driver announced that the 520 bridge was closed all weekend so we would be rerouting to the I-90 bridge. This meant that he’d have to make […]

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Errand #3- No Pic.

Which is totally stupid. The East Lake Sammamish Trail is a perfect trip for pics but we were just enjoying being out on a long(er than we’ve done in a while) ride. I didn’t think about pulling out my phone at all. We biked a little over 6 miles down the trail then back to […]

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…this was actually my first errand this time around. I’m back counting the trip Aaron I and made on Friday even though I wasn’t even aware that Errandonnee had started. We biked to lunch, then to the library, then to the bike shop to get Aaron a new bike!! I’m so excited and a little jealous. […]

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It’s Time For Errands Again!

Also called, Taking Pictures of What I Already Do Everyday & Getting a Prize at the End. Errandonnee officially began on Friday. Thank goodness Bri posted her first couple of errands today or I would have gotten started too late to be able to finish. Also, this year running (or walking) your errands can be counted. […]

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Family Photo

We have not had a NICE family photo done in years. The one hanging on our dining room wall is probably 9 or 10 years old because Hattie is a toddler in it. It was way past time! We took this over Christmas break but I didn’t want to share until I’d gotten prints ordered […]

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