Errand #3- No Pic.

Which is totally stupid. The East Lake Sammamish Trail is a perfect trip for pics but we were just enjoying being out on a long(er than we’ve done in a while) ride. I didn’t think about pulling out my phone at all. We biked a little over 6 miles down the trail then back to […]

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…this was actually my first errand this time around. I’m back counting the trip Aaron I and made on Friday even though I wasn’t even aware that ErrandonneeĀ had started. We biked to lunch, then to the library, then to the bike shop to get Aaron a new bike!! I’m so excited and a little jealous. […]

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It’s Time For Errands Again!

Also called, Taking Pictures of What I Already Do Everyday & Getting a Prize at the End. Errandonnee officially began on Friday. Thank goodness Bri postedĀ her first couple of errands today or I would have gotten started too late to be able to finish. Also, this year running (or walking) your errands can be counted. […]

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