Week 3 got a little messed up.

13029611_10209462543584914_7443980895630604586_oMonday, day 18- This was a normal Monday as far as biking. I just ran errands around town. But that evening, Aaron and I got to attend a friend’s chorus concert at Benaroya Hall. The hall was beautiful, the sound was amazing, and the chorus and symphony sounded gorgeous. We left our bikes at home since the bus stops were only a street or two from the hall.

Rewind about 30 minutes, we got off the bus in Seattle and went to eat dinner at an Irish pub on 1st Ave with good reviews. The food was very tasty but the pub atmosphere was not great and the music choice was horrible. I do not like rap music and really don’t need to hear the f-word repeatedly. When we left the pub, I made a wrong step into a tree planter cut-out in the sidewalk and twisted my right ankle. I was able to limp to Benaroya and wasn’t too uncomfortable during the concert or limping to the bus home. But by the time we got to Redmond and I had to walk home from the transit center, I was not feeling great.25962035503_c0ea61550d_bTuesday, day 20- A friend gave me a ride to urgent care. No broken bones (which I figured since I could walk on it, it just hurt a lot). I was sent home with a splint and my hubby lovingly got me a big bottle of ibuprofen and my favorite chocolate. I skipped going to school that evening and needless to say, no bike riding.26291853970_c3726b8aba_bI went to class on Wednesday but still no bike riding. A friend in my class who lives in a nearby city came and picked me up.

Thursday, day 21- I decided I could try riding again. It went fine, I let my left leg do most of the work and walked my bike up our hill coming home.26292039010_a07669e26e_bFriday, day 22- No bike riding again. I could feel that my ankle needed to rest and I had plenty of homework to do so I stayed put.

Saturday, day 23- I ventured out with a brace again and Aaron & I got our groceries for the coming week. Again, I walked my bike up the hill.

Sunday, day 24- No biking, got a ride to church and back, took a nap.

Today!! Monday, day 25- I did my usual bike ride to the transit center so I could meet a classmate at the school to work on a group assignment. When I came home, without even thinking about it, I biked up the hill, no pain. Yippee! See how happy I was to make it! This is me trying to smile while breathing heavy after the climb.26043932983_d8fdf911d7_bWe’ll see how my ankle feels tomorrow. I hope I didn’t overdo it today.


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