A Week of Biking

I’m not doing a very good job of spreading the joyous word of 30 Days of Biking. LIfe’s a little too crazy to remember to post or even take a picture every day. So here’s a week of rides.

Sunday was just a cheat ride around our parking lot in my PJs and flip-flops, minus a helmet. Shh.

Monday, day 11- Errand day. Put in my volunteer time at the school, went to the library, picked up a movie from Redbox, and got groceries. IMG_00030Also, the dogwoods are out (my favorite!) and I found a temporary fix for my Trek’s rear shifter. It wouldn’t hold its tension so it wouldn’t stay in gear. It’s old so I probably just need to get a new one but in the meantime, two washers on the screw gave it the tension it needs. Yay for climbing hills without having to hold it in low gear with my thumb.IMG_00031Tuesday- Thursday (days 12-14)- CLASSES! Biked to the transit center, bussed to BC and back, biked back home. Decided I needed to take pic of this tag at the transit center for my sis.IMG_00036And I spotted this fantastic example of poorly designed infrastructure from the bus, a bike rack in front of a set of stairs that no longer lead to the front door of a tire shop. Who rides a bike to a tire shop? I mean I have to ask for a quick refill of my tires but I didn’t park my bike. I just rode up to the garage door and asked the first guy who made eye contact.IMG_0037Friday, day 15- School work in the morning, one quick errand in the afternoon.

Saturday, day 16- Errands again. I needed to drop off a Buy Nothing Project round robin across town and then drop some old clothes off at the thrift store. Full load:IMG_0038All gone:IMG_0039Hattie and her friend had gone down to the elementary school to play so I stopped to park my bike there and walk with them to get some ice cream. Molly Moon’s opened up a new shop so we thought we’d try it out. When we got there, the line was coming out the door and almost reaching the end of the building and street corner.  We decided to go to DQ instead and try Molly Moon’s another time. 4.4 miles by bike, 1.5 on foot.

Sunday, day 17- (Today) Pushed my bike up the hill to church, then a quick Buy Nothing pickup afterward and home. 1.2 miles on foot, 4.4 miles by bike.

Sorry about the long post but that’s just way it goes. Now back to school work.


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