Day 9

30 Days of Biking continues…

I have classes on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, & Thursdays this quarter so my rides on those days pretty much just consist of me getting down to the transit center and back (only about a mile and a half round trip).

Today I took a break from art history lectures and design research to get out and run some errands. This seemed like the perfect location for a photo. Too bad I couldn’t capture the sound of drivers honking at each other as well. IMG_00028.JPGI love Redmond’s Central Connector when my errands end up being split between both sides of town. I had to drop off my ballot at City Hall, pick up some books at the library, and drop off a book to a friend at Ben Franklin, all on the west side of downtown. Then I rode over to Fred Meyer on the east side for groceries, 4 1/2 miles total. I love being able to ride all over town and the only fuel I burn is my own. Love. It.


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