Day 2

Day 2 turned out to be quite an adventure. We took some junk to Redmond’s spring recycling event then hopped on the bus for Seattle. On our way, the driver announced that the 520 bridge was closed all weekend so we would be rerouting to the I-90 bridge. This meant that he’d have to make his way from the south end of Seattle to the north end to hit the regular bus stops. Our stop was at the south end. In the process of getting up to the north end, traffic came to a standstill so he let everyone off on Capitol Hill. This completely messed up our bike route and we had to stop at a QFC to use wifi to figure out a new route.IMG_00011

3 miles and a couple of pretty grueling climbs later we found some lunch and then our destination.

We spent about 2 hours at the best little bike shop ever, The Bikery. It’s a non-profit community bike shop where volunteers teach you to fix your own bike. You’re asked to make a donation for stand time and use of tools. We were more than happy to donate. The volunteer, Dan (at least I think that was his name) was incredibly patient and knowledgeable. We will be back with more work to do on our bikes. Aaron and I are both excited to be able to maintain them ourselves, making our choice of transportation that much more affordable and rewarding.

Now to day 3, Sunday, always a challenge since we walk to church and then spend the day at home taking it easy. Guess we’ll have to take a quick ride to the park to relax.


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