It’s Time For Errands Again!

Also called, Taking Pictures of What I Already Do Everyday & Getting a Prize at the End.

Errandonnee officially began on Friday. Thank goodness Bri posted her first couple of errands today or I would have gotten started too late to be able to finish. Also, this year running (or walking) your errands can be counted. Yay, because Hattie and I attended an event in Seattle today and walked 3 1/2 miles to do so.

I dragged her along with me to go to the grand opening of the Center for Architecture and Design. They had various family activities and design exhibits related to fitness going on. Afterwards we walked up to Pike Place Market and had Crepes and a mango-pineapple smoothie for lunch. YUMMMM.IMG_0016

While waiting for the bus Hattie climbed up on the playground equipment and then I beat her twice at foosball. :-)



Now I’m behind on an assignment but it was worth it to have a day with my girl.

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