My Fuji Is Back!

Hunting down vintage bike parts proved to be a little time consuming. And I wasn’t willing to spend as much as some shops wanted for them either. But I finally got my poor Fuji back on the road.

I found a decent looking derailleur for a decent price a few weeks ago and got it put on. It was a lot of fun figuring out how to rewire the cable and get it adjusted just right. When I first installed it the hanger seemed to be bent into the wheel a little and so I couldn’t get into the lowest gear without the derailleur rubbing on the spokes. Thanks to a strong hubby though we got it bent back out a little and it’s working great.

I’m so excited to have my Fuji back and to have two different bikes to ride. The Trek gives me a lot more power and speed while the Fuji is really relaxed and has fenders. :-)


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