Redmond Sparks

I finally remembered to bring my camera to a soccer game. This is Hattie’s team’s 4th game although she missed one due to injury. So far they have won 2 and tied 2.

Hattie switched teams this season. The team she’d been with was a good one but we felt like her coach had taught her all he could. Another factor was that the new team’s assistant coach is Grayson’s coach so we were hoping for a somewhat coordinated practice schedule for the two of them. However this season his daughter chose to play basketball instead. Darn it.

The game that Hattie missed also happened to be the first one against her old team. She was really bummed but she had strained her neck playing chicken at the swimming pool the night before. It will be interesting next time the two teams play each other.

This game coach had Hattie play conversion defender. She’s an awesome defender but she’s also fast and really good at dribbling and keeping control. So he told her if she got the ball and had the space to go ahead and take the ball down field rather than only clearing it. So it was sort of a defender/midfielder position. Now he wants to teach her how to judge when to take it and when to clear since she played most of the game and ran constantly. She’s going to sleep hard tonight.


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