Cub Scouts in August

I’ve been volunteering in Cub Scouts for I think about 8 years now. I love the scouting program and all it offers and teaches our boys. I’ve been a Wolf, Bear, and now Webelos leader. I know when Hattie gets into Young Womens I want to be involved in that but I hope I can stay involved with Scouting as well, especially cubs.

Right now we only have 2 Webelos in our pack so we are combined with another Webelos den. Earlier this month we had a mock camp out. Meaning the boys passed off several requirements they would have on a camp out but without the sleeping overnight. They pitched a tent, prepared and cooked their lunch, and we had a campfire ceremony. They planned their impressive opening during den meeting a few weeks before. Their ideas were: fog from dry ice with lasers, and an awesome song playing while they entered from the stage (Eye of the Tiger, We are the Champions…). Also, a bubble puking watermelon.

We did the best we could with the dry ice fog and lasers considering this was in the middle of the afternoon on a nice sunny day. But I must say the puking watermelon was a total success and a huge hit. We all got a kick out of it.

It was a fun day and I get to serve with a fantastic couple in our combined den as leaders. Doreen is so on top of planning our activities so that our Webelos complete their requirements for rank.

The next week our regular pack had a hike. Hattie was babysitting one of the Wolves at our house for the day so she got to come with. I didn’t actually have any Webelos there but it was a nice walk and an opportunity to take some pictures.

I really love textures…

And bokeh.

About half our pack + Hattie.


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