Our Anniversary Date

Facebook can be a good thing and such a bad thing. I can spend more time than I’d like to admit on Facebook most days but it’s also one of the best ways for keeping in touch with friends and family who live far away.

Well on July 27th is was a wonderful thing because just as I sat down at my computer desk to relax and eat my lunch, I saw an announcement on Facebook from the Seattle Sounders that they were giving away tickets for their next match to service members and veterans! Aaron & I headed down to the bus as soon as we could get ready and headed to Seattle for tickets.

This match just happened to be the day before our anniversary and we hadn’t made any plans yet so it worked out perfectly.

We headed for Seattle early so we could be at Occidental Park for the pre-game festivities and then the March to the Match

I used my camera for some pics and my iPod for others.

The rivals. :-) Our tickets were in the nosebleed section right across from the Whitecaps fan section. It kind of stunk because we could hear their chanting better than the big group of Sounders fans that lead their songs.

It was really cool to hear the Canadian National Anthem and the gentleman who sang ours did a beautiful job and encouraged the crowd to join in.

I wish I had got a better shot of the fan’s Washington state flag that was displayed right before the game.

Then the game kicked off and my camera got put away.

It turned out to be a disappointing game. We lost 3-0. But it was still a blast to be there and we both can’t wait to go again someday. Until one of us is done with school and working full-time though we’ll be cheering our boys on from our living room. Go Sounders!!!


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