Shiny, New Parts.

Found this old post I never finished, from the beginning of May.


I got the spoke protector and the free wheel put on my Fuji but I still need a rear derailleur.

We are both back on the road though. Aaron got his bike from the shop yesterday and I’m riding a old mountain bike that a friend gave us. I love the difference in power. I can ride quite a bit faster but my back, hands, and seat are a little sore from the difference in posture.

**Since that was written: I’m still on the Trek. School was crazy so I needed to wait for summer to get more hours in at work so I could order a new deraileur (still need to order). Aaron ended up breaking his frame completely when he road off a curb so he’s been off his bike for some time. We do have another Trek mountain bike that will fit him but it’s old and we haven’t gotten around to seeing what needs to be done to it yet.


3 thoughts on “Shiny, New Parts.

  1. Bummer about all the bike breakages! But all of your biking posts make me want to buy a bike and use it to haul me&the kids around! Where we moved in Connecticut isn’t very bike-friendly though. Narrow roads, no bike lanes, and not many alternative routes (you have to use the highway to get almost anywhere in town). Definitely different than the west coast! I feel like I could’ve biked anywhere in California!

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