Trip to AZ in May, Part 1

Forest Grad 2

Toward the end of May Aaron and I got to go to AZ for Forest’s graduation.

After a ride on Sound Transit’s Light Link we had a lovely evening flight to Phoenix where we stayed the night with Aaron’s sister.

Mom came down and picked us up to drive up to Round Valley.

One thing that we were really looking forward to was a chile relleno burrito. No such thing exists in the PNW (that we’ve found). It had been more than 10 years since I had had one of these beauties. The moment had to be documented in a photograph. I can’t look at this photo without wanting another one. The ultimate comfort food.
It was fun to be in the southwest again and see the differences in everything. The interior of Sky Harbor was a trip. The finishes (flooring, tile, etc.) and colors were so different from the PNW. I loved these painted picnic tables at Alfonso’s in Payson.

I always loved this view driving into Round Valley. I insisted on stopping to take a picture and since I was driving no one objected. As much as I have no desire to live in this town ever again I really loved being there for a few days. Aaron and I had a great time seeing where we grew up.
This is HWY 60 looking down on Becker Lake. The white disk in the center is the Round Valley Dome (the Tacoma Dome’s little sister), the mesa behind it is Flat Top (one of our favorite hikes to do as kids), and the mountain in the distance is Escudilla which is now bald thanks to the Wallow Fire in 2011. Love that big, wide sky.

Graduation was that evening in the Dome. I only got a couple of decent pictures. Forest is somewhere over on the right. My brother Eric took a picture of us. The lighting was terrible so I fixed that as best I could. It was very surreal to be at our son’s graduation at our high school. I got to see Mr. Fritz, one of my favorite teachers, and thank him for helping Forest get through his math class. I really wish I could have seen more of my former teachers but many have moved or moved on to other careers. We ran into or saw a few fellow classmates which was weird and fun.

More to come…


3 thoughts on “Trip to AZ in May, Part 1

  1. Wow, that is so neat that Forest graduated from your old high school!! How fun! We stopped in my Missouri hometown for a couple days recently and it was so great to be back.

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