Some Catch Up?

Busy with school and life so I haven’t been posting lately. Here’s a little bit of a catch up.


Had a great pre-birthday  date with Aaron on the 2nd. We went to Seattle for the Taco Libre Truck Showdown. There were only 3 actual taco trucks. The rest were various food trucks making taco inspired dishes. We arrived early so we made it through 2 lines but gave up when we saw how long the third one was. The first taco truck was decent. Aaron really liked their habanero sauce. The second truck (pictured) was not that great. They were a twist on Mexican food type of place. We met up with a friend from school and watched the Luchador wrestlers for a little while. Then we headed back to the eastside to our favorite taco truck and had some real tacos. Mmmm, so yummy. The taco truck showdown was a little bit of a let down but we had fun being out together.


Bike News:  My Fuji is still waiting for a new rear derailleur but I just don’t have the time right now to do the research to find one. It will have to wait till spring quarter is over. In the meantime I’m riding an old Trek mountain bike that a friend from church gave us. He had three of them he was going to offer for free on Craigslist but asked us if we’d like them first. We took them in the hopes that they will give us a chance to start learning some real maintenance skills. One happened to be a good size for me. I pumped up the tires and lubed the chain and it’s been working pretty well. There is a creak that comes and goes somewhere down around the bottom bracket. I just hope it will hold out till I can get my Fuji back on the road, then I’d like to do some work on it as well. I’m really enjoying the power I feel on this bike. It has a different posture from my Fuji and more gears so I can get much more speed out of it. Not as comfortable to ride though.


I did manage to get my new freewheel and spoke guard put on. It was easy-peezy. Thanks to cjhoyle for the how-to video.


Had to snap a shot of our entry/dining room getting new tiles installed. The tiles had some cracks when we moved into our apartment 6 years ago and being that they are probably as old as the building (46 years), pieces started coming out. Management tried a couple of different fixes but they finally decided that we just needed new tiles. Hallelujah! They were an ugly 60’s green, now we have pretty cream colored tiles. Which means I have to mop more often because the dirt actually shows. It’s worth it though.


Other than being in class two days a week and spending a lot of time reading & writing, I also have had to do several field trips for my online building systems class. This class should be so much better than it is. I really dislike the online format. I do not feel like I’m getting all that I should from it. This shot is in one of the buildings on BC campus. I had to find a ceiling system that I liked. I really like exposed ceilings in commercial spaces and also like when they are integrated with dropped clouds.


Saturday my cute girl and I cruised down to Bike Bash to enjoy some music and treats. It was a gorgeous afternoon and we had fun feeling like party crashers in our non-spandex attire.


And lastly, the calla lilies are blooming  in front of our next door neighbor’s apartment. I think last year’s shot was better though.


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