April Biking

Summary of my 30 Days of Biking.

12 days of rides, including 2 on my daughter’s bike that’s just a little small for me so not very enjoyable.

62.18 miles ridden

1 broke derailleur

1 mangled chain

1 ruined spoke guard

3 or 4 offers from friends to borrow bikes. I appreciated them very much but just didn’t want to take on that responsibility.


1 new freewheel

1 new chain

1 chain whip


On their way:

1 freewheel remover tool

1 new spoke guard


My Fuji is patiently waiting on the balcony to get put back together. Unfortunately I still have to find a derailleur.

Ok, now I’ll try to go take some pictures of something other than bike parts. Warning, they may only be a bunch of windows. (school assignment)


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