Speed of Life

After my bike mishap I just haven’t felt much like blogging. Plus, 13 credits of bachelor classes are keeping me very busy. My days are pretty much spent reading, writing, sketching, walking, busing, reading, writing, sketching, reading, reading, and more reading. Before April started I was a little worried about doing the 30 days of biking because I knew school was going to be stressful. I was hopeful that bike rides would help and not add to the stress. Now that I’m in the thick of it I wonder if being made to quit the daily rides was a good thing. I go to class all afternoon/evening on Monday & Wednesday, then spend all of Tuesday & Wednesday morning on homework. And much of the rest of week on more homework. I think trying to fit long rides in on T, F, Sa like we had planned would be really stressful. Life is slower on foot but my brain is constantly running at full speed. Even when I sleep, I’m dreaming about schoolwork. I hope I can take 7 quarters of this.

From a reading in my theory class:
“…In the past, men organized their undertakings at the scale of their legs: time had a different duration…”
~Le Corbusier

Spring gave me a nice little treat as I was working on homework Thursday afternoon.

And the postman brought me a treat today; Step one to getting my bike back on the road.


2 thoughts on “Speed of Life

  1. I heard from somewhere. Not sure on the validity of it all but our thought process travels at 258 mph.

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