What are the odds?


And now Aaron’s bike is out of commission too. Hahahaha-sob.



4 thoughts on “What are the odds?

    1. So we’re researching it and wanting to do the work ourselves. Should we get a whole crankset or can we just go with the left arm?

      1. It depends on how much money you’re willing to spend. If it was my bike, i’d buy a new crankset. Probably the “Shimano acera” because it’s cheap and it’s Shimano, so you know you’re getting a good crankset. Plus the feeling of a new crankset is very good lol
        If you have a bike shop close by, you should take the bike there because they have the proper tools to remove those things and they can get pretty hard to remove.
        I love bikes, so if you need any more help just ask! :)

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