And Then 30 Days of Biking Became 10.

My Friday started out great. I’d been looking forward to a 10-15 mile ride with my hubby on both Friday & Saturday.


We rode to Wilmot Gateway Park in Woodinville which would have been 14 miles RT until about a mile from getting back home my poor Fuji broke.

Literally, BROKE! We were riding through city hall campus and I down shifted in anticipation of slowing down through the turns and the possibility of pedestrians. When I pedaled to switch gears I heard some terrible grinding and then my back wheel locked up and skidded for about 6 feet.


Somehow the derailleur broke in half, getting drug with the chain over the top of the free wheel. That bent my fender stays and the chain mangled the spoke protector. After Aaron got the chain untangled from the spoke protector I managed to bungee the derailleur and chain out of the way so I could push it home. Thankfully this happened at mile 13 and not 7. Walking home all that way would not have been fun.

I am completely heartbroken. Riding for me is equal parts enjoyment and utility. On a bike I can get around town for errands as needed but unlike driving I love almost every trip. Getting out the door might take some coaxing but once I’m cruising down our hill I’m in heaven.

So, so much for 30 Days of Biking. Me and my 30 year old bike only made it 10 days this year.


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