Fellow Flickrite

Taking a rest at 60 Acres Park on our Sammamish River Trail ride and two young men pull up to take a little break as well. I hear one of them say, “I know that bike from Flickr.” (Referring to my little Fuji.) Turned out he’s a fellow member of the Seattle By Bike Flickr group and he rides a Fuji as well. It was fun and a little weird to run into someone who recognized my photos. But mostly I liked actually talking to some fellow cyclists. Most of the time you’re just passing by each other. I try to smile at all of them and occasionally one might smile back or even wave. Most are very focused though and I totally understand that. So to have a real, if brief interaction was nice.

And then as I rode off I realized my social awkwardness struck again. I was so focused on talking to the fellow photographer and Flickr member that I didn’t introduce myself to his friend. Sol Duc if you are reading this, please tell your friend I am sorry. I did not intentionally ignore him. I just have a very one-track mind and it gets me into trouble sometimes (all the time). Hope you guys had a great ride and maybe someday we’ll meet again and I can redeem myself.

You can check out Sol Duc Photography’s beautiful photos on his stream.

We really need to get a kick stand for Aaron’s bike.


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