Recycling in Redmond

Day 4 of 30 Days of Biking consisted of hauling a box of old electronics, two bags of clothes & household goods, dead batteries, some old engine oil, and other chemicals to City of Redmond’s Recycling & Collection Event. I was told by two different people that I was the first bike to come through and I got several amused smiles. I don’t know if they meant the first today or ever.

At first I saw the long line of cars and started to leave. I had so many other things to get done. But a police officer I had talked to coming in sent me back and said I deserved to cut the line for being on a bike. Hehehe.

After that I loaded the trailer back up with groceries for the week.


I really wish I had gotten a picture with the full load of recycled stuff in the trailer. I missed the station with the batteries but figured I could just run them to the library after I dropped groceries off at home and then go on a ride down the trail. The library no longer had the collection bins out front and they suggested I try the senior center, the fire department, or city hall. All of them were closed. I finally gave up and just went home with my rattling can of batteries in my basket.

I’m hoping to get Aaron to go on a ride with me after the Sounders game this evening. We’ll see how cool it gets and whether we both feel like leaving the house or not.


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