Friday in Bellevue

Took advantage of another museum free day today and joined some fellow students at Bellevue Art Museum to sketch. It was a bit too busy but we got about an hour in.

I had been debating going because I wanted to get a decent ride in today. (Meaning more than 2 or 3 miles.) Then debated combining the two and biking part way there. Downtown Bellevue is probably my least favorite place to ride, followed closely by pretty much anywhere else in Bellevue. Sorry to sound like a hater. I actually really like downtown as a pedestrian but not as a cyclist or a driver. The traffic is blah. Anyway, after doing a little research and taking some inspiration from Michelle over at The View from the Crosswalk I decided to do it. After busing up out of Redmond. I rode the rest of the 7.15 miles. Old Redmond Rd & 132nd Ave weren’t too bad. 60th St was great, the lanes were very narrow but there was a smooth gravel trail next to the road.Then it ended at the freeway and I got to cross this. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Loved it. So fun being way up there above the cars.


And then the fun corkscrew on the other side. After that, 108th wasn’t too bad, nice wide shoulders and nice bike lanes at Northup & 520. As it turned into 112th St though the bike lanes ended and the climb started. It was rough and the road got very narrow at one point so I moved to the sidewalk until the shoulder returned. Downtown turned out to be pretty quiet at 10:00 on a Friday. 10th St was almost empty and I actually stayed on Bellevue Way instead of getting on the sidewalk. I think next time I need to go to Bellevue I’ll try this route again.


2 thoughts on “Friday in Bellevue

  1. Oh! I didn’t even realize that 112th went through! How is the traffic on 112th? I’ll have to think about that as a possible route to Bellevue – I haven’t even tried to get there on a bike yet. Good to know that it gets a narrow.

    You can actually skip most of 108th if you get on the Cross Kirkland Corridor. There’s a narrow access trail (picture on this post: at 60th, and a street crossing at 52nd. Maybe someday they will continue the trail into Bellevue.

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