East Lake Sammamish Trail, PLEASE FINISH IT ALREADY!!

I was feeling antsy and had to get out of the house today. After about an hour of no rain I figured I better hurry up and do it. Thankfully the rain stayed away long enough for a quick ride. I decided to go down the East Lake Sammamish Trail to see if there was any progress on the improvements.


Even though the “Trail Closed” sign was on the side still, the fencing was all pushed to the other side so I figured I’d ride as far as I could.


Only got as far as Sammamish Landing Park where I came upon a backhoe and some workers hard at work.


Things are looking very nice. I noticed some plants are still waiting to be put in the ground and some wood fencing that hasn’t been finished. The work is supposed to be completed this spring. I hope it’s soon!!

I don’t mean for my title to sound impatient but I am a little. The trail is great for taking the kids on a ride, completely away from traffic. And even though it’s a popular trail it’s nice and wide so there’s plenty of room for everyone. We had planned on biking to our church summer camp out at Hans Jensen Park last summer but the work started in the spring so we couldn’t. Other segments are in the design stage so I really hope they don’t close those parts this summer.

I know King County is working hard to get finished and I know our weather probably doesn’t always cooperate. It will be so nice though when the whole trail is complete. In the mean time, hurry please!


5 thoughts on “East Lake Sammamish Trail, PLEASE FINISH IT ALREADY!!

  1. I did a one-way run from Sammamish to Kirkland about 3 months ago, naively thinking I’d find a way. I agree that the extended closures are a problem (Google’s 6 month closure of part of the CKC is another), another problem is that there are never decent alternatives available, let alone signed. It shows that these walk- and bikeways are treated as toys rather than reliable transportation options, which is weird given they are taken seriously enough to do all this work.

    I made it back via the East Lake Sammamish shoulder and have no plans to return to the area.

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