Errandonnee Day 12 (The Last)

Monday was the last day of Errandonnee and Aaron decided we needed to go eat breakfast before he took off to the college to study. It ended up being lunch by the time we got out of the house though. After bacon, eggs, and hash browns, we sat by Bear Creek and talked. Then I ran a few other errands before getting home to make dinner and go visit a friend.


Errand #13: 3.76 Miles
Category: Personal Care (because lunch and talk with your honey is personal)
What I learned/observation: I love our rides together.

Errandonnee Summary: 12 Days, 13 Errands, 9 Categories, 39.4Miles.

It was fun documenting my normal everyday life. Looking forward to next year.

3 thoughts on “Errandonnee Day 12 (The Last)

    1. Our grass usually turns brown during the summer because the rain stops. I’m not a WA native so that was one of the weirdest things to see when we first moved here.

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