Errandonnee Day 8

Thursday I got to attend Reveal Seattle, a materials & finishes trade show for interior designers and architects. As a student it was a great opportunity for more education and meeting product reps who I will be working with someday. It was quite fun. When I introduced myself as a student at each booth, nearly everyone was genuinely friendly and excited to tell me about their products. They recognize that in a few years I will be looking to specify their products like theirs and they will want my business.

I would also introduce myself as a Digs Designer for Zillow and explain that I tag products in Zillow images so I was excited to find new companies to look at for that. It was very fun to talk to the companies that I already tag constantly. They were pleased to hear that. One tile company rep chased me down after I had left her booth to give me a huge catalog of their products.

Other happenings: I got to eat caviar (first time) with Joyce, owner of Maya Romanoff. She was super sweet and one of many to mention contacting her about an internship. Several companies mentioned internships and that they love to offer them to design students. I also made a contact with Teri, rep for Pollack and Weitzner. I was admiring some gorgeous wool fabric and mentioned that I would love to make a tote bag out of it. She started talking about her not being able to sew and wishing she could. She asked me if I would be interested in a trade. She showed me a super simple wrist bag that she wanted to tweak and make out of a certain fabric. She offered to trade free fabric with my making her a couple of the bags. Score!!! The bag was basically a rectangular version of a pencil case I made but with a wrist band attached, so easy! Now I just need to get my sewing machine fixed and send her an email so we can meet up.

Alright so I counted this as a wild card errand. I biked to the bus stop (.7 miles not included in my mileage), bused to Seattle, biked from Westlake Center to Pike Place Market, carried my bike down the Pike Street Hillclimb (.08 miles included in my mileage), rode down the Elliot Bay Trail to Bell Harbor Conference Center, then reversed that with a tote bag full of paraphernalia in my basket/ on my shoulder. Ouch, but fun.

After the bus ride back across the lake. You can’t tell but that poor basket is holding a ton of literature that I collected from the show. I’m shocked sometimes at how much weight I can put in that thing. One day I’m going to go too far and break it or something.

Errand #11: 1.73 Miles
Category: Wild Card
What I learned/observation: Only slightly related to biking. If I go to Reveal next year: take a backpack, leave it with the concierge, collect literature from the booths on the first floor, drop off in the backpack, then do the second floor of booths. My arms and shoulders are so sore from lugging around a tote bag full of pamphlets, catalogs, magazines, and lots of business cards from vendors. Would be easier to transport home on my back rather than in the basket as well.


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