Errandonnee Day 7 (and 6)

When I left for den meeting this evening it had stopped raining so I tucked my wool coat in my basket. About half way up the hill it started again, not hard though. The weather has been unseasonably dry the last couple of weeks, not that I’m complaining at all. But it did feel good to ride in the sprinkles today.


Errand #10: 2.7 Miles
Category: Work or Volunteering (Cub Scouts)
What I learned/observation: Sometimes when I ride up “Old Windy” I let myself walk the hard parts when in reality I could probably just ride the whole way every time. I should make it a point of riding it more than once a week just to push myself.

Yesterday we got groceries finally (we usually go on Mondays). But I forgot to take a picture.

Errand #9: 2.06 Miles
Category: Store
What I learned/observation: I can’t really think of anything. Aaron & I make this trip almost every Monday, nothing new.


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