Errandonnee Day 5

Biked to the shop (again!) to get my shifter cable fixed. They are going to get so tired of seeing me. After work at the library and the bike was ready, I needed to pick up dinner but didn’t have a plan or a list. Pizza Night! So today’s errand falls under the “You carried WHAT on your bike?!” category. This was not really that big of a deal though. Thanks to the girls at Papa Murphy’s for the garbage liner box, bungeeing three extra large pizzas to my rear rack was easy peezy. I still rode home nice and slow just to be sure. I was hungry and did not want my Chicken Bacon Artichoke (minus the artichoke) splattered on the pavement.

All ready to go.

See, there’s pizza in there.

Safe at home.

Errand #7: 2.27 Miles
Category: You Carried WHAT On Your Bike?!
What I learned/observation: This was an easy carry. A box to protect the pizzas and three bungees cords did the job.

After dinner I made another quick trip to a neighbor’s house to pick up some clothes hangers she wanted to get rid of. I’ll explain. We have this great Facebook group in Redmond that is part of the Buy Nothing Project. Similar to Freecycle, it’s a community gifting group. People offer things they no longer need and then choose who gets it. For some reason we always seem to need more hangers. I know it has something to do with boys.

Errand #8: .52 Miles
Category: Non-Store Errand
What I learned/observation: I love daylight saving and these warmish, sunny days we’ve been having.


5 thoughts on “Errandonnee Day 5

    1. Thank you GRB! I love my little Fuji, she’s 29 years old. I’ve had her about a year and a half. Hope to get a road bike someday when I can ride more seriously but for my car-free lifestyle in the center of downtown my Fuji is perfect.

      1. Oh also, the mirror is so handy when my kids are following me around town. I tend to leave them in the dust so I have to keep an eye on that and slow down. :-)

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