Errandonnee Day 2

I’ve been working remotely from home for about 5 months but I still have a hard time staying focused on work and getting my hours in with all the distractions of home. A few weeks ago Aaron suggested I take the kids’ laptop to the library and try working from there. I’m behind in my hours for the week so today that’s what I did.

I took a short lunch break to run a couple of packages to the mail center then ate my lunch and sketched Redmond City Hall. I tell you what, that is the way to do lunch.

Forgot to get a picture of the big box I needed to send off while it was on the back of my bike so snapped one at our mailbox when I got home.

Errand #3: 2.18 Miles To work at the library.
Category: Work or Volunteering
What I learned/observation: Definitely a difference without the padded shorts. Don’t know how I feel about wearing them all the time though.

Errand #4: 1.14 Miles To the mail center during lunch.
Category: Personal Business
What I learned/observation: Taking a quick bike ride on your lunch break even to run an errand is the best.

Should I have counted them as one errand? I don’t know. Does it matter? No. :-)

**Updated Post**

I forgot when I posted this that I was in the middle of another errand. I had taken Hattie to my friend’s house so she could play with her almost 1 year old while my friend did chores and made dinner. I came home, made dinner, finished posting, and then went back to get her.

Week#10- Beyond Reach. I shouldn’t even bother taking photos indoors, especially when the big girl is bouncing the little girl. Getting a good shot indoors is beyond my reach sometimes.

Errand #5: 7.39 Miles
Category: Social Call
What I learned/observation: It doesn’t feel as cool this evening as it has recently.

**Update #2**

Aaron wanted a movie date so out I went again today. I’m not leaving my house at all tomorrow.

Errand #6: 1.91 Miles
Category: Arts and Entertainment
What I learned/observation: Four trips up our hill in one day is exhausting.

Daily Miles: 12.63 Miles


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