Errandonnee Day 1, Part 1

Another Challenge! Yes I like to participate in silly online challenges (photography & biking at least). This one is pretty easy though.

Errands + Randonnee Errandonnee. The gist of it is: 12 errands run in 12 days and taking a minimum of 30 miles. Running errands is the main use of my little Fuji so this is not much of a challenge. It does involve a little extra planning which of course involves a spreadsheet and MapMyRide so I’m totally in.

Today’s errands consisted of running to the library to print off my pick up email for REI, then taking the long way (trails instead of streets) to REI to pick up my first pair of padded riding shorts. (Trying them out this evening on my second errand.) Then to Fred Meyer’s for some groceries. We have missed being able to make our big Monday trip for groceries  while our bikes were in the shop.

By the end, my pannier and basket were stuffed full of food, shorts, a book, and a citrus juicer. Oh and a gallon of milk bungeed to the top of the rear rack.

There is something wrong with riding up to an empty bike rack at REI, on a sunny day in the Seattle area. Get out of your cars citizens!! You are missing out!

Errand #1: 4.31 miles

Category: I’m counting this as one long errand under the “Store” category. I guess if I end up not having enough errands I can break it up into 2 or 3 separate ones. We’ll see.

What I learned/observed: Got a pro tune done on my bike last week and it is pedaling so much more smoothly. However, my rear shift cable which was replaced as well is frayed on the shifter end. Need to take it back in again. Ugh. Also, my kick stand and mirror both need to be tightened.

6 thoughts on “Errandonnee Day 1, Part 1

  1. Wait – you bike to Fred Meyer? The Redmond Fred Meyer? How do you get there? I biked there once and did not like it, but that area would be useful to get to…

    I’d also be very interested in reading about how you get your kids to where they need to go. Thanks!

    It’s really fun reading about somebody else’s travels to the same places I go :)

  2. Thanks! That’s pretty much what I did (though I come in from the other direction on the Bear Creek trail). Do you take the sidewalk on Redmond Way? I did the one time, but I didn’t have my trailer. It’s pretty narrow and with no buffer, so I’m worried I’d drop a trailer wheel into the street if I tried it. I was really hoping there was a secret back way with quiet streets that I didn’t know about.

  3. Hahaha, yeah, I wish. Yes we do take the sidewalk and with our trailer. It is narrow but enough room as long as there aren’t any pedestrians. You can also take the bike lane on Avondale, cross at the freeway intersection and then there is a sidewalk that runs next to Kohl and the Target parking lot. I should have a map for that. I try every way I can find. Here it is:

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