Winter Cycling


For my new friend, Bri, a picture of my winter cycling. I was really hoping I’d get this sunny picture and then a rainy one the next day but we’ve been blessed with a beautiful week. This is not a complaint, when you live in 9 months of drizzles and sprinkles the sun breaks are necessary.


6 thoughts on “Winter Cycling

    1. Ha! I was looking back through pictures and realized I took this one exactly a year ago but I didn’t answer your question. Washington IS the Evergreen State. :-D

    1. I’ll try. I was just thinking, I really miss taking pictures but my like has been all consumed by school. It’s hard to get out and do other creative things even for fun. My brain is just so overloaded most days.

      1. That’s tough! It must feel great to be making progress but at the same time your course load sounds reeeallly strenuous. You can do it though, I believe in you :) Sending hugs your way!

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