Technology On The Shelf

Week #5- On The Shelf
Week #6- Technology

Ethan found my walkman in our camping gear box a few days ago. I had stuck it in there because it had a radio on it so I thought it could be useful in an emergency. He was so excited to find this retro technology in our house and thought it was so cool. Unfortunately he couldn’t fully appreciate its features since I finally threw away the last of my cassette tapes last year. I may have to see if I can find one at the thrift store.


7 thoughts on “Technology On The Shelf

  1. Hey, I’ll trade you. You send me your winter biking pic and I’ll send you some cassette tapes. (They will probably end up being the stories about cowboys and pioneers that my brother and I used to record when we were playing with our playmobil set. We were engaging storytellers, I promise.)

    1. Hahaha! That’s awesome. When I was getting dressed this morning I actually noticed that I had put the 5 or 6 mixed tapes a friend had made on my dresser. I thought I had tossed them! I want to listen to them because he used to put snippets of comedians in between the songs.

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