Quick Errand

We love living with no car and riding our bikes but there are some hills I’m just not ready to conquer.

After running a quick errand up a slightly steep and waaaay too long hill in a friend’s pickup, Aaron and I were amazed at how much longer it took us to then make a quick grocery stop. All the navigating of roads, parking, unparking, navigating again made us very grateful for both our bikes and the great trails we have in our town. I’m not kidding at all when I tell you that we can get to the store and back quicker by bike than car.

But having said that we’re beyond grateful for a generous friend and neighbor who is more than happy to let us borrow his pickup when it becomes necessary.


2 thoughts on “Quick Errand

    1. Thanks Bri. It really is. We are grateful for this lifestyle change on an almost daily basis.

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