Fully Lived

Reblogging this very touching post by a friend. Please read it and like it on her blog. She’s a wonderful writer and a beautiful person.


The last time I felt so empty, so bottomed out and hurt, I disassociated from my life for a good two years. It was kind of like sleepwalking.  I ate, I worked, I drove, I made friends.  But everything was distant, removed.  My memories of the time are distilled through murky water, resonating through several layers of glass.

When I came out of it, I still hadn’t dealt with any of my emotions. I’d just buried them.  Deep.  Years later they would resurface, again and again and again, until I faced them, dealt with them as I should have done the first time around.

Live and learn.

This time, I’ve let the emotions roll through me like so many rainstorms, sudden and hard, soft and slow, full of noise and and anger and air and obsecnities, quiet and weary but no less gutwrenching.

For the first few months since my…

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