305 | 365

Decided to write about our long day over here today. Wanted to keep my 365 post purely about the photo I chose.

Grayson and Hattie’s regular soccer season games have come to an end and both teams made it to the playoffs. Our Saturday started off with Grayson’s quarter final game at 8:30 AM. I was not thrilled when the alarm went off at 7 and it was still dark out. But once we headed out I couldn’t help but feel incredibly grateful to be out on a beautiful NW fall morning, riding our bikes through fall leaves, fog, and virtually no traffic. I was gorgeous.

I really only managed to get this one shot at Grayson’s game. It was too cold and too good a game to watch it through a camera lens. The game stayed 0-0 until the last two minutes when one of Grayson’s teammates made the only goal. Awesome game! And awesome team!! So they play again next Saturday in the semi final game and if they win then for the championship, again, that afternoon. I love this team and our coaches.

This was the first year for Hattie’s team to have playoffs and they ranked #2 in their division. She had her quarter final game at 11:30. Grayson’s team got to play on the turf field which they aren’t used to but at least they didn’t have to deal with this mess. The girls could barely run. Thank goodness there wasn’t any rain to accompany it.

Despite the mud both team played hard. The score ended up being 2-2, they played two overtimes and our girls finally won 4-2 in the penalty shoot-out. It was a hard game to watch. The mud was horrendous and the ref wasn’t much better. The girls were physically and emotionally drained by the end.

At 3:00 we returned for Hattie’s semi final game. I had to catch a shot of the clouds trying to part.

Again the girls played a great game. We were winning for a good part of the game at 2-1 then the other team made another goal with just a few minutes left. Then they made one more in overtime. By this point our girls were completely spent and the other team did a great job of cheering each other on and keeping their spirits up. It was really sweet to see.

We were so proud of our Hattie and her efforts. This was her at half time, squatting down to lay her head in my lap. She was so tired. She’d only been subbed out once in the earlier game. But she tried so hard to keep going and she did an awesome job of staying positive and being a good sport. I love our sweet girl. She’s such a great example.

305 | 365

I’m looking forward to spring training but grateful this season is over. Well, almost.

Wow, I love that photo. :-)


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