10 Days of 365!

10 Days- 365

I don’t want to completely abandon this blog so I want to give updates once in a while on my 365 project. Yesterday marked 10 days, pretty exciting. It’s fun to see the round previews collecting on the home page. I must give a shout out to Caroline Morre for the awesome Spun theme I’m using. Well done Caroline.
So far the project hasn’t been too stressful. Some days I haven’t been able to post till after midnight because of my night classes but I’m not too worried about that. I see the stress coming when I can’t think of something to take a picture of. I know my M-I-L will appreciate if I fall back on pics of my kids those days though. And KJ, I do plan to get some of them soon.
So, please come check out my photos and follow my project. On any page of  the blog you can see that orange circle with a plus sign. Click on that and it will open up the widgets where you can follow through wordpress, bloglovin’ or by email.

In other news, I’m pretty excited about my classes, worried but excited. I’m taking Art History (Rococo through Post-Modern), Intro to Computer-Aided Design (CAD), & Digital Design Presentation (DDP). Two of my teachers are experts and passionate about the classes so their enthusiasm is contagious. I’m excited to learn more about art and be able to appreciate it on a new level. The CAD is fun because in high school AutoCAD and math were my favorite subjects. I enjoy the technical drawing part of design. The DDP class is going to be really cool. Our teacher is a young designer and former BC student. This is her first time teaching so there will be the trial and error that goes along with that but she seems to have a really good grasp of graphic design which is what this class is really about, creating our personal brands and being able to create presentations of our interior design work that conveys our concept without words.
Three classes is going to be stressful, like last quarter, but I’m excited. I know I’m going to learn a ton.

I was going to update on the fam as well but I think I’ll save that to help motivate me to take pics of them. So more later.


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