An Errand


Made a 5 mile trip up Rose Hill (I think that’s its name) into Kirkland to pick up something from a freecycler. I rode up Redmond Way because it was the most direct route and easiest climb, but soon discovered it may not have been the best choice. First I came to  a nice little climb up a  rise I couldn’t do, had to walk it (above). Then the sidewalk shrunk to 2 feet wide, right up against very heavy traffic.

Then the sidewalk disappeared completely, only a foot path against the curb. At one point the path was behind a guardrail but it was next to quite a large drop off on the other side.

Then the teensy sidewalk came back for a bit before widening again.

This doesn’t really seem like something that should happen in “The bicycle capital of the Northwest.” 

It was a fun ride anyway I was glad I had told Hattie she couldn’t come. I was worried the climb would be too much for her.  Then I took a longer route home by bike lanes. Yay for bike lanes!!


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