Christmas Break

So I wanted to get my camera out and take a picture everyday of Christmas Break. But then I forgot and missed the first two.

I’m gonna count a picture I took on my phone Thursday anyway.

12.12.13- Kind people are the best!

I had lost my bag with my hat, scarf, and Aaron’s gloves on my ride to school the day before so when I found it hanging on the fence Thursday I was a happy girl.

Also, Happy birthday to my Mamasita. Growing up we always put up our Christmas tree on the 12th, for Mom’s birthday. After we had Forest (on the 7th) we started putting up our tree for his birthday. But this year his birthday was pretty busy (and our 17 year old doesn’t really care about that). So we decided to put it up in honor of Mom’s birthday on Thursday evening. We also decided to do things differently this year. We only put the lights on it and have the ornament box sitting out in Hattie’s room. Whenever someone does something kind for someone else they can put an ornament on the tree. I’m sad to say it’s a little slow going so far but I hope it will pick up.

I missed taking a picture on Friday so here is today’s.

12.14.13- One of my favorites.

A sweet friend in Auburn made this for me a few of years ago. It was completely unexpected and I think it’s adorable. It’s one of my favorite ornaments. Ethan put it on the tree after making us yummy chocolate-chip cookies. And right now he’s making homemade eggnog. Here comes another ornament. :-)

Lastly, if you have any suggestions for pictures please reply below. Photo assignments can be fun and sometimes challenging.


One thought on “Christmas Break

  1. I’m so happy someone found your bag and hung up for you to retrieve! I always love photos of the kids and maybe some of your decorations. Maybe a park with leaves piled up. Love you all Oceansfull.

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