End of Fall Soccer Season

This first pic was from a game back in September. It was pouring on the poor boys.
But they played great, of course, and still won 7:2.

On the morning of the last games of the season Hattie and I participated in the first Green Redmond Day.
We planted 8 native trees or shrubs in a park that had been cleared of invasive blackberries.
We left a little early for her game but heard later that over 200 native trees and shrubs were planted that day in parks throughout Redmond. I love being a part of projects like this and happy when the kids join me.

Now back to soccer. Hattie’s team ended up winning all but one game which was a tie.
Grayson’s team lost one and tied one of ten games which put them in 1st for their division.

Then they went on to win their first tournament game 6:1 while playing in wind, rain, & sun.

The last Saturday started with their semi-final game against Division B’s #1 team in the morning.
They won 5:1.

That afternoon they won the championship 2:1 against last year’s champions. Best game!
Neither team scored till close to half time, first they got one then we did.
Second half our boys got another goal and then worked hard to keep it away from our goal the rest of the game.
It was so fun to watch. Both teams played so hard.

Oh! And, best ref ever. She called every single penalty.
We’d had issues with refs not calling stuff, especially pushing and shoving.
The first game that morning Grayson got a penalty called on him because he was sick of getting pushed around
(but no penalties were getting called) and very obviously shoved another player off of him.
I was proud of him though for not getting mad about the penalty and for keeping a good attitude.

Super happy boy and his championship medallion.

Then we celebrated at a restaurant that evening. The coaches gave the boys certificates and another medallion.
Over the whole season our team made 66 goals and let in 15. They totally deserved that championship.

Whew. Break time from soccer now.


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