Day 94- Not

I actually missed the 4:44 PM mark by a couple of minutes but I’m posting anyway. Hattie and I decided it would be fun to make caramel apples for the first day of Autumn. It took us three tries to not burn the sugar and we still had a mishap with the sugar crystalizing in chunks but I got them melted.  Then after stirring in the butter, that hardened into a big chunk in my whisk. I turned the heat back up and figured it was either completely lost or I could just try to melt it all again. Luckily it worked out… sort of.

The caramel was still pretty soft. They look somewhat like a fail but were completely delicious. I don’t know if I didn’t cool it enough or if it was something else. Will have to watch more how-to videos and try again. Hattie proclaimed that this would be our tradition every first day of Autumn. Sounds like fun to me.

I used a recipe that came with some coupons from Fred Meyer but then I used this video to fix the burnt sugar issue we kept having. Please leave any tips or suggestions in the comments.


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