Day 93- Design

Had the chance to volunteer at the Seattle Design Festival on Saturday. The theme was Design in Health. I got there early to check things out. It wasn’t as big as I expected and a few things were a little disappointing but over-all I’m glad I went and had the chance to help out and connect with a few in the design profession and in school.

Love these pallet garden walls.

“Exercise Your Creative Muscle”
Got to screen print a poster and talk to one of the volunteers at that booth about the screen making process.

I don’t remember the name of this but it’s meant to sort of force your body into yoga stretches. It worked incredibly well. And felt great.

I have no clue what this “hut” had to do with health and wellness but it looked cool. By the end of the day the black panels were all drawn on with chalk.

Then of course the ride home. Got a little bit of Medina this time instead of just the lake.


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