Day 86- Ewww!

Hattie’s soccer game was at 12:30 and Grayson’s wasn’t until 3:00. So in between we rode our bikes to a playground next to the soccer fields and ate lunch. The kids found a loose dog with a ball to play with, turned out to belong to a guy taking a nap right by us. Hattie found a tree to climb and she was so pleased with the apples she picked. I warned her they were going to be super sour.

This whole series was staged but they pulled it off pretty well. Hattie had already taken a bite of one of the apples and spit it out but was happy to do it again and hold the poses for me. And Grayson’s smile actually looks sincere.

Both games turned out pretty sad, for the other teams. Hattie’s ended up being around 12-0. (No official score is kept.) And Grayson’s was 9-0, I think. Score is kept but I don’t remember for sure.


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