Day 81- Lamp

My good friend Sarah invited me to join her in the torture of shopping at Ikea. I heartily agreed, partly for a chance to get out of Redmond and partly because she said she would buy me lunch. Not really, it’s just fun to hang out with her and the designer in me likes checking out all the cheap, Swedish home products. I especially wanted to see how some of the lamps were constructed and couldn’t help but shoot into one of them.

Thanks for the laughs, the commiserating, breakfast and the delicious lunch, Sarah. (Her blog is private or I would have linked to it.)


3 thoughts on “Day 81- Lamp

  1. That’s such a cool shot!!
    I love/hate Ikea so much…my mother in law has figured out a kind of “Ikea speed shopping” system that eliminates a lot of the painful parts though! So I like going to Ikea with her a lot, haha.
    I had actually never even set foot in Ikea until a year ago, when we moved 7 miles away from one! And now I’ve been so many times it’s ridiculous. Mmm, now I’m thinking about cinnamon rolls.

    1. I like the challenge of getting through as many shortcuts as possible to get right to where you want as quick as possible. Then you have to run like a mad person past the bistro at the end to get away from the wonderful smell of those evil rolls.

  2. You are most welcome! I enjoyed out 99 cent breakfast very much. Hahaha! Bringing you made Ikea dare I say …. fun? :D

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