Day 75- First

This picture breaks my heart. He was pretty anxious this morning and even asked me while he was putting his shoes on, “Do you think I’ll have a good year?” We’ve been trying to pump him up with a good attitude the last few days because we really think this year will be better than last. I know for a fact that he has a better teacher than last because Ethan had her and she is awesome.

Anyway, he found his line but not very many kids were there and he could see several of his friends in the other class line across the courtyard. I think he was feeling lonely on top of the anxiety. After I took the picture I went inside to watch and after a few minutes more of the boys he knows showed up. By the time everyone was headed in he looked a little more at ease.

Hattie on the other hand was right at home. She and Ariz went in and put their backpacks away, got a little bit of breakfast and got in line. Shy, little Ariz looked nervous; I hope Hattie takes good care of her today.


Ethan came home early from his first day of high school. He says that teachers told him technically it’s a full day but that they were done and students could leave after lunch. We’ll see if I get a call from safe arrival tomorrow.


One thought on “Day 75- First

  1. Oh you kids are so beautiful! Hang in there Grayson, I will be praying for you. And I love you all so much!

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