Day 71- Bay

Ethan, Grayson, Hattie, & I got to go to Birch Bay State Park with our friend, Heather. It involved quite a bit of driving and the kids were disappointed that there weren’t really any good swimming spots but we had a fun time. The weather was really nice, we roasted some hot dogs on the grill and collected shells and rocks on the beach. I think for driving two hours each way I would have preferred to go as a whole family and make a camping trip out of it.

Looking toward Birch Bay Village.

Love all the different rocks.

Hattie, excited to find shells.

On the opposite side of the bay looking back at the village and the park.

Hello, Canada! From Semiahmoo Park.
We saw a bunch of big, fat seals laying around on a dock out in the middle of Drayton Harbor from this park.


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