Day 70- Wet

Rain, rain, rain all night, early morning, and all day till about 2:30. At 3:00 we went to the elementary school for teacher meet & greet, a couple of little sprinkles. At 4:00 Grayson and I hopped on our bikes to go to soccer practice. Then there was this.

Practiced lasted about 15 minutes and that was with coach trying to ignore a couple of far off lightning strikes. Then the rain started and Grayson and I had to ride back home. He passed on waiting it out under the first overpass. But 2 miles later,by the time we got to 90th St, we were soaked and it was still coming down hard so I didn’t even ask. We waited for about 10 or 15 minutes till it slowed down. It made for kind of a fun trip though. Grayson didn’t complain about it.

I definitely need to get fenders, a rain jacket, and maybe some over-pants if I’m going to try to ride my bike to classes this fall.


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