Day 68- Life

We had a fun evening of scouting. Grayson received his last Webelos badge, aquanaut, the Leave No Trace award, Super Achiever Webelos award, and a special award for our pack called the Tatonka. Then he had his crossing-over ceremony. Normally it’s done in a pack meeting with the cubs but because a court of honor had been scheduled by the boy scouts we got to do it with them. Then the rest of the court of honor continued. Ethan received 8 merit badges from this summer, the World conservation Award,  and his Life rank. Wooohooo!!! He only has 4 more merit badges for Eagle.

Forest is very close to being done with his Communication merit badge and he and Ethan both started on Personal Management, a three month one.

We got to see lots of fun pictures from Camp Fife, Camporee, Klondike, and two High Adventures. I’m grateful our boys have the opportunity to be in scouting and all the ways they are able to learn, grow, and serve others.


4 thoughts on “Day 68- Life

  1. Oh, I’m so proud of the boys! That is just awesome. I’m so glad they get to do scouting too. I appreciate their mother and her hard work too.

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