Day 64- Hike

Hattie and I went on a hike with a friend this morning. Heather is expecting and wants to get out more on walks but doesn’t want to go alone. She invited us last week on some walks she wanted to do and of course I told her yes. I never get tired of getting out into nature.

We went up to Ollalie State Park and walked on the very flat and easy Iron Horse Trail. Other than it being close to I-90 (noise) it was really nice. I forgot to bring my other lenses with me so I didn’t get any good landscape shots. Which is too bad because the mountains were gorgeous and we passed a few rock faces above us. We also crossed a long bridge that spanned a ravine. I had one moment of vertigo when I first looked down because you couldn’t see the ground for all the trees and they were tall trees. It was all really beautiful.

Oh, and she told us about thimbleberries which are edible. We got to pick and eat quite a few along the way.

Hattie loved climbing around the fallen logs of course.


3 thoughts on “Day 64- Hike

  1. Great pictures. I hope that area doesn’t carry the ticks that carry Lyme’s Disease. I know some wooded areas in the Tacoma area carried ticks and one had to be careful not to pick em up. Sorry, I don’t mean tomake you paranoid, but it may be something to look into.

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